2019 Introductions

Hey Looky tall bearded iris

Hey Looky tall bearded iris.
Hey Looky tall bearded iris. This is one of my favorite irises. Subtile changed from flower to flower and unique speckled pattern. Yellow to blue beards. Rosa Brown wrote me with the following about Ley Looky's hybridizer William F. Brown.
"William F. Brown developed Hey Looky in 1970. He died at the age of 93. Bill as he was known was a very exceptional person. He helped establish Cow Town in Wichita, Ks when he belonged to a group of men called Twenty Men Inc.. This is a little known fact that you never see published in the local information about Cow Town. He was also a master judge in the American Iris Society. These were just a drop in the bucket as to his accomplishment. He was much loved by everyone who know him. His wife Margaret lovingly called him Ferdinand the bull as he would come home from work and go in the front door and out the back and work in his beloved garden for an hour or so. When he came in all was right with the world, and he was ready to be around his family. Hey Looky was a great source of pride for him."
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