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2013 Shipping Season is Over - Online Garden is always open.

Dear friends and iris lover (but I repeat myself).

Our 2013 shipping season is over but our online garden stays open to take orders for shipping in 2014.We have already had a heavy frost that took out our vegetable garden and the iris garden is ready for a long winter's sleep.

Thank you all for your orders and I have appreciated the kind comments you have showered us with upon receiving your orders.

2014 will see Echo Iris Garden introducing 9 exciting new Tall Bearded Irises.

We have such names as Huckleberry Frost, Solar Therapy, Winged Planet, Embers Aglow, Chevron Three, Ballroom Dancer, Nibiru, King's Chariot and Eagle's Talon.

Watch for them to appear on our website over the winter months.

Many thanks and blessings to all.


2013 Tall Bearded Iris Season. Our EchoIris.com Web Garden is always in Bloom.

The snow is gone and work has begun to clean up the garden and grow more fantastic tall bearded irises.
We are proud to show our EchoIris.com 2013 Introductions. They are some real beauties.
We are glad you stopped by to take a look. Our online garden is always in bloom year around and we anticipate this to be a good year ahead. click on VIEW ALL TALL BEARDED IRISES in the top or left side Menu bar to view all our tall bearded irises.
Happy Gardening for 2013.


Greetings Iris Lovers: Echo Iris Garden will stop digging and shipping irises as of Oct 1, 2011 (except on rare occasions to southern states provided we are able to do so. Please Contact Us and inquire).
We do, however, take orders all year round and will once again begin our shipping in July of 2012.
We wish to thank all of our customers for making 2011 a great year and look forward to 2012 with additional new introductions. This year all of our customers received a free 2011 Echo Iris Garden Introduction iris as a Bonus. We hope to continue giving Introductions as Bonuses in the years to follow as supplies last.
Many blessings to all.

Ernie Hoch


Welcome back to our tall bearded iris website for the 2011 Echo Iris Garden season. Our website doors are wide open.

We have something new this year. Our staff has produced a DVD with over 200 tall bearded iris pictures in motion set to inspirational piano music. It is available for immediate shipping.

This is our first year of offering our own Tall Bearded Iris Introductions. Watch for the pictures with the SILVER frames. There are 7 new individual introductions and a set of four that we call our Four Flirty Sister. We have a very limited supply of our 2011 Tall Bearded Iris Introductions this year so if there is something you just must have, please consider ordering early.

As always, Shipping will be from Mid July to Mid September this year Have fun looking around.

When shopping at EchoIris.com, be sure to click on the pictures. We have a nice surprise for you, if you, like me, are tired of seeing non-descript thumbnails on other websites. In our View All Tall Bearded Irises link, all pictures open up in a very nice detailed view when clicking. We are serious about making EchoIris.com your favorite tall bearded iris store. Our guarantee is that we will never "enhance" or "photoshop" our photos. Our photos are as the camera took them and we diligently strive to take the best quality pictures to present to you. So check out our store and thanks for dropping by.

Note: When a particular tall bearded iris is sold out, our website will unpublish that named tall bearded iris so it can't be viewed until next season when we again have stock for sale. We have a small quantity of quite a few tall bearded irises and when our quota is sold, it will no longer be viewable online until next season. If you like what you see, consider locking in your order before it vanished for 2011. :-)

The Hoch Family
Echo Iris Garden

Champagne Elegance - my never-ending rebloomer

First of all, let me say that I've resisted the temptation to pay attention to rebloomers because rebloomers never rebloom in my part of the country (Inland Northwest) ... or so I thought.

In 2007, I purchased one Champagne Elegance rhizome, planted it and it quickly took root and produced increases. Our winter of '07-'08 was especially looooong and our winter snow cover didn't leave until mid-April. Our bloom season was delayed by at least 2 weeks this year.

My Champagne Elegance iris was hurt by the late late snow cover and wet cold spring. The main plant rotted to the top of the rhizome and fell off (the part of the plant that should have normally produced a bloom stalk). So, I thought my hopes to see Champagne Elegance bloom in 2008 were quashed.

To my surprise, one of the increases shot out a bloom stalk and it bloomed in late June. I was pleasantly surprised but didn't think to much of it (quite a few of the other plants received more of my attention). Well, in early July another increase shot out a bloom stem that bloomed a bounty of blossoms with the last one expiring on or about July 25th. WoW!!!. This was the latest I have ever had any iris bloom. Normally my bloom season is over by the end of June or 1st of July.

Due to a customer request about another iris variety I am growing that just happened to be growing right next to my Champagne Elegance, I was going out to see it late in the evening, after dark, with a flashlight. As I directed the light to see the plant I intended to examine, my light flashed over the Champagne Elegance plant and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was producing another bloom stalk. I was blown away by this discovery.

Well, I patiently watched this new Champagne Elegance bloom stalk grow to maturity and on August 24th it bloomed about a half dozen blooms and left many more undeveloped bloom buds standing still. I began to water the plant a little more (it was August after all and no rain was forthcoming) and these undeveloped buds begun to finish maturing. Champagne Elegance will bloom for me, again, in the next week. It is September 19, 2008, as I write this story. I will update the story as it unfolds over the next few weeks but I suspect my incredible Champagne Elegance tall bearded iris will not only produce blooms in September but carry on over into October as well.

[UPDATED October 23, 2008] This Champagne Elegance bloom stock bloomed again starting September 25th and continued until today, October 23, 2008. Around October 8th, I was compelled to cut the bloom stalk out of my garden and put it in water in the house because we were starting to get heavy frost at nights and I didn't want the blooms to freeze out. This was a good decision because I received an extra 2 1/2 weeks of enjoying the blooms.

This was simply an amazing iris season for me, a large portion of this fact is to be credited to one amazing iris plant, Champagne Elegance. [End update]

What an incredible experience this Champagne Elegance iris has given me in 2008. I can hardly wait to see what it has in store for me in 2009.

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